Dredging Services

At MLJ Marine Oil and Services Limited we strive to actively participate in all areas of opportunity within the dredging and associated industries, with our primary focus on the following core dredging operations: Capital Dredging Services: Dredging to create harbours, channel creation for access to oil & gas installations and generally to aid navigation of vessels […]

AGO Supplies

MLJ Marine Oil and Gas, is a leading supplier of Automatic Gas Oil (AGO) in the oil gas sector in Nigeria. Our products are gotten from reliable sources and standard. Our products go through the highest quality assurance and testing processes in the country, before it is certified okay for use. We have gained the […]

Pipeline Repairs and Maintenance

MLJ has proven strength in the area of pipeline repairs and maintenance. Our capabilities cover routine and emergency pipeline repair and maintenance. We enable our customers to maintain and operate Onshore and Offshore Pipelines. We offer the following: a. Non Destructive testing b. Sectional replacement c. Leak repairs d. Cathodic protection

Waste Management/Oil Spill Clean-Up Services

MLJ environmental waste management services helps clients recycle, treat and dispose of wastes. Our comprehensive waste services include the pre-treatment, intermediate storage and reconditioning of dangerous industrial waste products. Our Environmental services include: Environmental Impact Assessment Domestic Waste Management and Evolution Spillage control and Management Chemical and solid waste management Sewage Control and Management Bioremediation […]

Non Destructive Testing

We provide NDT services to assist   with integrity appraisal at fabrication, in service or decommissioning stages. Our range of NDT services covers standard NDT methods and   advanced techniques. Our inspectors are multi skilled and are certified to SNT levels II in accordance to SNT-T-C-IA in different NDT techniques. We offer the following NDT services: Magnetic  […]

Civil Engineering and Mechanical Works.

MLJ offers range Civil Engineering services, such as, road construction, dredging, desilting, flood and Erosion Control, shoreline protection, building construction and pilling. In MLJ, we make use of both conventional methods and innovative techniques to achieve the project goals in the most appropriative, affordable, and environmentally sensitive way possible

Procurement of Oil Tools

Over the years, we have developed strong strategic relationships with key original equipment manufacturers (OEMS), buying  houses and technical partners which enable us offer our customers better pricing, better lead times and after sales services for the equipment and materials. We provide a vast range of equipment in the industry among which Valves  (Ball, Gate, […]

Management and Operations (O&M)

Management and Operations (O&M), including Production Supervision of all Facilities, Engineering, Modification and Maintenance Services for Site / Platform Installation/Upgrade of On-/Offshore Production Facilities & Platforms Process Facilities Management and Provision of all Facilities Engineering, Modification and Maintenance Services for a Site / Platform OCTG Supply OCTG Services (Cleaning, Hard banding, Recutting, Rethreading, Storage) Cleaning, […]

Equipment Supply, Installation & Maintenance

Wellhead Equipment, Xmas Trees and AccessoriesAnnular, API flow crosses, API flow tees, API6A and flanges, Bull plugs, Cap Assemblies, Casing hangers, Casing head housings, Casing spools, Clamp assemblies, Compact, Components, Composite, Control Systems, Conventional, Drilling chokes, Flanges, Gate valves, Guideline, Guideline less, Mudline suspension systems, Needle valves, Running tools, Seals, Solid block, Subsea, Surface, Tubing […]